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Hosture is a holistic digital solutions and business solutions provider for individuals, entrepreneurs and business owners located in Singapore, Malaysia and worldwide. We pride ourselves with providing effective, reliable and time tested solutions for your specific digital or business needs. We are an established company operating since 2002, and we stay on the cutting edge to bring you the latest innovations in business, sales and marketing. We are focused into 2 divisions in order to serve you better. They are the digital solutions division and the business solutions division.


Hosture branches
Hosture's two arms - Digital Solutions and Business Solutions

Hosture Digital Solutions

We are a full-service digital solutions, internet marketing consultancy and web development firm offering a wide range of digital services. They include content creation, digital marketing and asset management. We also support various digital agencies and digital marketers, working behind the scenes under NDA. We are also a web hosting provider, offering state-of-the-art, fast and reliable web hosting with first class client support at a personal level. Here, we actually do have a name for this.

We call it “Hosture”.


Singapore business solutions

Hosture Business Solutions

We provide a full range of business consultancy services specially catered to Singapore and Malaysia businesses. They include physical and virtual office space, business incorporation, staffing(local and foreign), human resource management, logistics, government assistance grants and legal contracts management services. On top of that, we also provide automation services to help you run your business more efficiently, such as Point of Sales (POS) and customer paging systems. Our business clients include Singapore and Malaysia SMEs, although our digital services are being used by businesses worldwide.

If you are an online entrepreneur venturing into e-commerce, we have ready-stock of genuine brand names IT products in our warehouse in Singapore, available for resellers and distributors to sell in your online stores. 

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business assistance

Client Support

We operate with the understanding that customer service is one of the highest priorities in the industry. Our multilingual customer support team is available to assist you with any questions or technical difficulties that may occur and we strive to respond to any support request within 8hrs. Our first class support service is available to all our clients at no extra charge.